Creating Your Resilient Team

Creating a resilient team workshopA champion is faced with an obstacle and may even get emotional, but in the end a champion releases that worry, reprograms to find solutions and resolves or removes the obstacle.

During this training, Zaheen will help create champion mentality out of your team. Whether its leadership champions, service champions or small business champions, Zaheen will create a memorable  experience that brings about tangible change and is effective. But to do this kind of training, she designs one-of-a- kind session based on intense interviews so that she can understand the challenges, needs and desired outcome of the team.

In the end, participants will outline action steps and commitments, and follow through them. This last step is crucial to building a high performance champion team!

Learning Objectives:

  • Model the mental thought processes of moving forward
  • Ability to execute decisions with confidence
  • Mastery at problem solving and embracing adversity.
  • Incorporating techniques to create real time resilience.

Zaheen adapted her presentation to fit the conference theme of resilient communities and personally I will add the Re-programming principle to my tool kit!

Kim Williston, FCSS Directors Network Alberta

The Resilient Organization

Resilient Organization wokshopA resilient organization does not tell or sell its vision to its members. Instead, a resilient organization co-creates a shared vision with its members so that every member has a sense of being a apart of the evolution or change process. In this facilitation process, Zaheen will guide leaders and members in enhancing their personal vision by understanding their internal motivators and that of others. Through this process will arise a shared vision that will create an environment that promotes synergy, flexibility, professional alignment, actionable plans and sustainability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding motivation styles
  • Enhancing problem solving skills
  • Enriching the organization’s mission and sense of identity
  • Aligning members’ visions to organization’s vision
  • Identify and sealing gaps when looking ahead at the organization’s future

Thank you Zaheen! It was a great day and was just how I envisioned it should be. Thank you for helping to make it so!

Wendy King, Canterbury Foundation


ResilientTalkFour ways of communicating that will help you increase rapport, reduce conflict and improve your working relationships significantly.

Become resilient though effective language and communications skills. In my research, I’ve found that resilient individuals create great  rapport and positively influence others around them through the use of  neuro-linguistics. They are masters at resolving conflict, creating dynamic teams, increasing sales, improving customer service and retaining employees. In this session you will be introduced to:

  • Four communication styles and how to detect them in others.
  • Tips on improving relationships and creating rapport.
  • Ways to resolve conflict in the workplace or in sales.
  • Tips on positively influencing others and motivating them.
  • How to gain cooperation with the most stubborn people.
  • How to create dynamic teams so that each team member is working at his/her peak performance.
  • Six words that negatively influence others and how to change that.

To progress further in creating an effective relationships at work or in business, master ResilientTalk™ first.
The information Zaheen presented was of high quality and I loved the way she engaged the participants. In fact, most of them wanted more of Zaheen and her material, but alas time ran out. Moyra Kennedy, Workforce Consultant, Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour
Zaheen’s presentation was simple, informative and engaging. Compared to some other behaviour or communication assessments, Zaheen’s information can be easily implemented in any area of your life.Sharon Anderson, Executive Director, Camrose Chamber of Commerce

Law of Attraction

Law of AttractionYou may not be aware of it, but a very powerful force is at work in your life. It's called the Law of Attraction and right now it is attracting people, jobs, situations, and relationships into your life, not all of them good!

In this workshop, certified Law of Attraction trainer and author Zaheen Nanji teaches us how to apply the Law of Attraction to our advantage so we can attract what we want!

This highly content-rich, high-participation training seminar, you will learn:

  • Why you are not attracting what you desire
  • How to change our thoughts and words to stop attracting what we don't want
  • The three-step process for deliberate attraction
  • Tools and strategies to help YOU receive what you want
  • Why affirmations don't work for most people and how they can
  • How to attract ideal customers and clients
  • The secret to becoming more abundant

Law of attraction Seminar - 2 hrs