Zaheen Nanji, Resilience Champion:

zaheen nanji photoDemonstrates that achieving excellence and embracing change doesn't have to be difficult. She shares revolutionary concepts that are grounded in scientific evidence, brought to life with inspiring stories and guaranteed to produce extraordinary results. She will demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your goals are absolutely achievable once you harvest the power of resilience that's hidden inside you. You will learn dynamic principles that transform your thinking, dramatically change the way you see yourself and reveal your true strengths.

Her system of transformation and excellence is grounded in building your resilience muscle which is the daily practice of the three R's - Release, Reprogram and Resolve. She offers an array of time-tested techniques and powerful principles to propel her clients toward their definitions of success. Through her keynotes, workshop and her upcoming memoir she demonstrates how to easily embrace change and bounce back so that resilience becomes your first reflex! Read more about Zaheen. your social media marketing partner