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Dear Motivation Seeker,

You know that person. You know the one. They’ve got their stuff together. They’re out there making waves, breaking glass ceilings, and are doers. They simply get stuff done and make no bones about what’s important to them. They are successful.

But, do you understand how they find their motivation? Do you know why they’re motivated to implement and succeed while you’re not? Do you know what they went through to get to where they are?

This course will help you identify and get over those motivational blocks that could be preventing you from reaching your goals.

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Let me introduce myself...

My name is Zaheen Nanji and I’m a resilience and wellness expert. I help people make resilience, in any area of their life, their first reflex.

My book, The Resilience Reflex – 8 Keys to Transforming Your Barriers into Success in Life and Business, became a best-seller on Amazon Kindle and is also an award-winning book.

I’ve often been asked, “How do you get things done or how are you so organized?” I strongly believe it boils down to three words: Consistency, Belief and Tenacity.

After studying human behavior at the NLP Institute of California, I’ve come to realize that resiliency and motivation go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that you start with this free course on Motivation before you embark on figuring out resiliency.

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