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Dear Thriver,

When you are faced with challenges at work (or at home), it can sometimes be difficult to stay positive:

  • You feel like you’re under continual stress and being pulled in all directions.
  • You’re constantly “on the go”.
  • You work hard and feel the pressure to perform.
  • You have to be constantly on your toes to deal with ever-changing and demanding issues.
  • When you get home, you may be tired and run down.

No matter how proud you are of your accomplishments, there are days when your world can be chaotic. You do your best, but it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. You know that sometimes you don’t make the best decisions, and you’d like to feel calmer and more in control.

Here’s the perfect solution in the form of a fast and easy video series developed by Zaheen Nanji.

This free course consists of 3 videos and each video comes with complete worksheets/handouts. The videos are around 10 minutes each in length. Here’s what you’ll learn in each module:

Module #1

Master Stress by Reframing

Zaheen shares her story about being diagnosed with breast cancer and describes how she reframed the situation in order to feel more positive and optimistic. You will learn how to rethink your attitude so that you can put your fear behind you and face up to adversity.

Worksheet: Seize the Obstacle!

Module #2

Roadmap to Optimize Performance

Discover how people are resilient and successful at the same time. Zaheen will show you a strategy on how to thrive under stress and pressure, in any situation, at home or at work so you’ll feel calmer and in control.

Worksheet 1: Zaheen’s Roadmap to Massive Productivity
Worksheet 2:
An exercise on how to prioritize your tasks

module #3

Execute Decisions with Confidence

Every day you’re faced with changes and are required to make decisions. In this video, Zaheen lets you in on the secret of how to make the right decision and embrace change, so that you’ll feel positive, confident and empowered.

Worksheet: Change your Words; Question tool for decision-making

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Here’s a video on how successful and resilient individuals manage change and thrive. Enjoy!

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Zaheen Nanji and I’m a resilience and wellness expert. I help people make resilience, in any area of their life, their first reflex.

My book, The Resilience Reflex – 8 Keys to Transforming Your Barriers into Success in Life and Business, became a best-seller on Amazon Kindle and is also an award-winning book.

I’ve often been asked, “What is Resiliency?” I strongly believe it boils down to three things: