3 Reasons My Parents Bounced Back from Adversity

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3 Reasons My Parents Bounced Back from Adversity

I was 12 years old when our family had moved to another town in search of a business opportunity. One day, I remember walking into the kitchen, where my mother was cooking dinner.

"What are you making today, " I asked.

"Lentil curry and rice," she replied.

"Again!" I answered disappointed. "When are we going to have some meat?"

"On the weekends, because we have to save money and get out of debt and move back to our home town."

In a few months, my parents closed the business, we moved back and they started the same business again. This time it flourished.

What changed?

I believe it was these 3 reasons:

Failure vs. Feedback - it was interesting to see how external circumstances caused different behaviours. The way you choose to react, is the way your life will unfold. After my parents closed the business and lost a lot of money, my father felt like a failure and got slightly depressed. My mother, on the other hand, conditioned her mind to learn from that failure. She changed some things around and cash started flowing in.

Lesson: Learn from your failures and see it as feedback to change your circumstance.

Beliefs about Money
- this is where most of us stay stuck and refuse to push that glass ceiling. Last week, I held a free virtual class on 'Money Wellness' and one of the exercises was about stating beliefs around money. The participants listed a whole bunch of limiting beliefs around money. My mother knew that she could make it work again, she had to believe that it was possible.

You can only replace limiting beliefs if you start to counter it with evidence and work at changing your behaviours when it comes to earning and spending money. Read this blog on 4 Types of Limiting Beliefs and How to Change Them.

Lesson: Become consciously aware of how you think about money and start to change that language so you can attract more.

Faith and Hope
- there's something about having a conviction that there's a higher power who will take care of you. I can still see the image of my mother sitting and praying to God to give her strength to make this work and simultaneously being grateful that she got out of the situation that could've been worse. Whenever I conduct research on "resilience" - the word HOPE, is always there. Every person who has bounced back from an adversity, had faith and hope.

Lesson: Have hope by being grateful for what you already have. For example, relationships, your job, your children, your friends or even your health.

Do these 3 reasons resonate with you? Share your comment below.

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