The Resilient Organization

Resilient Organization wokshopA resilient organization does not tell or sell its vision to its members. Instead, a resilient organization co-creates a shared vision with its members so that every member has a sense of being a apart of the evolution or change process. In this facilitation process, Zaheen will guide leaders and members in enhancing their personal vision by understanding their internal motivators and that of others. Through this process will arise a shared vision that will create an environment that promotes synergy, flexibility, professional alignment, actionable plans and sustainability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding motivation styles
  • Enhancing problem solving skills
  • Enriching the organization’s mission and sense of identity
  • Aligning members’ visions to organization’s vision
  • Identify and sealing gaps when looking ahead at the organization’s future

Thank you Zaheen! It was a great day and was just how I envisioned it should be. Thank you for helping to make it so!

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