Creating Your Resilient Team

Creating a resilient team workshopA champion is faced with an obstacle and may even get emotional, but in the end a champion releases that worry, reprograms to find solutions and resolves or removes the obstacle.

During this training, Zaheen will help create champion mentality out of your team. Whether its leadership champions, service champions or small business champions, Zaheen will create a memorable  experience that brings about tangible change and is effective. But to do this kind of training, she designs one-of-a- kind session based on intense interviews so that she can understand the challenges, needs and desired outcome of the team.

In the end, participants will outline action steps and commitments, and follow through them. This last step is crucial to building a high performance champion team!

Learning Objectives:

  • Model the mental thought processes of moving forward
  • Ability to execute decisions with confidence
  • Mastery at problem solving and embracing adversity.
  • Incorporating techniques to create real time resilience.

Zaheen adapted her presentation to fit the conference theme of resilient communities and personally I will add the Re-programming principle to my tool kit!

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