Episode #8 - Resilience Reflex Show - Road to Resiliency

Episode #8 - Resilience Reflex Show - Road to Resiliency
Broadcast Date: Sunday, June 28, 2015

Audio Link: http://zaheennanji.libsyn.com/episode-8-resilience-reflex-show-road-to-resiliency

Zaheen Nanji is a resilience champion. She helps her clients and audiences build their resilience muscle  using her 3-step system!

Adversity discriminates against no one. Abandonment, rejection, loss, or betrayal; each of us has a story to tell. We can either repeat cycles of abuse and addictions or we can embrace a path of healing. To triumph over tragedy we have to release the energy our stories carry. My guest, Troy, will explore the resilient factors that must be in place for our success.

Troy Payne is an inspirational speaker, international bestselling author of 'The Road to Resiliency', and music front man for the band 'Aside from Sorrow'. He is also a yoga instructor, retreat host and Reiki Master. Troy started his career as a youth and family counselor with the intention of helping people overcome adversity and find resilience.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/wellnessrealization
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