Episode #22: Thrive in Life Show - How to Cope With Mental Illness

Episode #22: Thrive in Life Show - How to Cope With Mental Illness

Do you suffer from mental illness? Do you find it difficult to cope in your career, school/college or even socially?

My guest, Jason Finucan, shares his story and gives us practical steps on how you can build resilience. Jason Finucan is an inspirational speaker on the topic of overcoming stigma and reducing the impact of mental illness. He has had the unique experience of being diagnosed with both a major physical illness (heart defect leading to open-heart surgery) and a mental illness (bipolar disorder). It was in comparing the two experiences, both personally and professionally, that he realized the destructive power of stigma, which is very prevalent with respect to mental illness and yet non-existent with other, more known illnesses.

  • At 5 minutes into the show, Jason explained how to overcome the stigma of mental illness if you suffer from it.
  • At 14 minutes he explained the common mistakes that people who don’t have mental illness make around people who do have mental illness. Here I spoke about my half sister who has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and how difficult I found it when caring for her.
  • 22 minutes into the show Jason shares 5 top tools on how to manage mental illness.

Jason has graciously offered a gift: Stigma-Free Checklist that you an access here after you subscribe: http://www.empowerproservices.com/en/category/blog/

Jason began speaking professionally, and founded Empower Professional Services, to partner with corporations and schools so they may improve their ability to manage the negative impacts of mental illness – ultimately reducing stigma and minimizing lost productivity.

An avid golfer and curler, Jason and his wife, Anna, live in St. Lazare, Quebec. Jason can be reached at http://www.empowerproservices.com

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