Episode 34: Thrive in Life - How Mindfulness Can Boost Resilience

Episode 34: Thrive in Life - How Mindfulness Can Boost Resilience

Mindfulness is the buzz word nowadays and research has shown that its very closely linked to building resilience. In this episode, my guest and very dear friend, Laurel Vespi, answers the following questions in just 25 minutes:

  1. There's a lot of talk about mindfulness right now? What is mindfulness?
  2. Why do you think, there's so much interest in mindfulness?
  3. How can mindfulness boost one's resilience?
  4. What are some simple things people can do to be more mindful?

For more than thirty years motivational speaker and mindfulness expert Laurel Vespi has been helping people living crazy busy lives reduce stress, improve workplace productivity and find more balance, fun and satisfaction in a hectic world. Using her simple 3P approach Laurel guides people to a mindful way of living in a practical, down to earth way so that their days are both more manageable and meaningful.

Laurel is the author of 2 award winning books: Spontaneous Combustion gives readers a kick in the pants look at how to stop waiting for the most important things in life. Her newest book, To Be Awake provides practical strategies for mindful and intentional living.

Laurel is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach and a Certified Lifestyle Meditation teacher. Laurel has been featured on several television and radio programs including Global, City TV, CTV, Alberta Prime Time, CBC Radio, EZ Rock, CHED and a variety of print media including newspapers, Readers Digest and Homemakers Magazine. Laurel is a contributing writer for Be Fabulous magazine.

If you feel like life is busy or you are too distracted, let Laurel teach you simple ways to cultivate mindful living in less than 10 minutes a day.

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