Episode #27: Thrive in Life Show - Finding Your Inner Greatness

Episode #27: Thrive in Life Show - Finding Your Inner Greatness

Finding Your Inner Greatness with Shawn Schweier

While sometimes it can feel as if we are lost, stuck, or broken, we all have this power inside of us to find what really matters most for us. In the show we will discover how everyone has this inner greatness inside of them and we will look at the three things you need to know to unlock that greatness.

The following is a checklist that will help you keep in mind what was discussed on the show and what you need going forward to realize that inner greatness within you:

We only have the present moment

  • Our problems are only in our past and in our future
  • When we place judgement upon the world or others, this limits us from connecting in relationships and life.
  • Coming from a place of acceptance rather than judgement then gives us a more empowering place to change

Follow up: How can you be more in the present moment? Meditation, being grateful, and taking your time to accept life as it is can empower you in this way. Have a vision for your life, but don’t be attached to how that vision comes into reality.

You have the power over your life

  • While we can’t always control what happens in life, we can control how we show up and what actions we take going forward. This is a state of mind.
  • Having a vision of what you want for life and being unattached to how it happens can empower you to creating the life you want.
  • When you change your mind you change your life. Changing how you think about things can lead you to becoming the you who has what you want.

Follow up: Think on how you are holding yourself back now. Are you taking action or are you letting fear take hold of you? Are you scared of failing?
Being scared of failing is common and something that I went through. However in my studies of some of the most successful people we know today, they all failed on extraordinary levels. From Einstein to Oprah, they knew what enormous failure was far before they had their tremendous successes, but they had resilience.

To inspire you on your path uncovering that inner greatness within you, Shawn has put together a free ebook and a FREE strategy session with him:

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