The Resilient Leader - Tap into Your Tenacity & Create Your Legacy


Taking on a leadership role in today's world is more difficult than ever before. You're faced with constant change, the ever-present threat of cutbacks, and more obstacles than you ever bargained for. Add to that a mix of employees all with different backgrounds and expectations, and you've got your work cut out for you!

As a leader, you need to be resilient.

In this keynote you will learn:

    How to create a sense of community and engagement around you, using the easily learned principles of LIMP™

    The secrets to being flexible, adaptable and yet totally in control so you can execute decisions with confidence

   The 4 critical questions you need to ask in order to adopt a victor mindset and let go of the victim mindset

   The 7 Universal Cycles of Change which will allow you and your team to embrace change rather than resist it

Building Your Resilience Reflex™

Building Your Resilience Reflex keynote

In this new economy and digital world, change is inevitable. With change comes challenges, obstacles, stress and overwhelm. Now more than ever, leaders and professionals require a different set of strategies and skills to cope and manage, which is why building your resilience is important so it becomes your reflex in these changing times.

What participants will learn:

    A simple skill to avoid thinking traps that keeps them stuck

    How to boost problem solving skills so they can manage emotional and behavioural consequences more effectively.

    How to reprogram and reinvent themselves in order to bounce back

    The 3 R’s to building Resilience Reflex™

    A phenomenal technique to create real time resilience

Download keynote description (DOC) 

We all know what resiliency is, but most of us don’t know how to BE resilient. Through her keynotes, workshop and coaching:

Resilient organizations will have a sustainable culture and future;
Resilient leaders  will be more connected  and be able to execute with a number of alternatives and harness the power of  flexibility and accuracy;

Resilient individuals  will make problem solving their reflex and increase their drive to create exciting real possibilities that  invigorate the spirit.

Thank you, Zaheen, for your outstanding presentation to the Volunteer Resources team on Creating a Resilient Volunteer Organization.  I was so impressed with the effort you put forth in preparation for the session and for taking the time to learn about our department.  You are truly an inspiring, uplifting and elegant speaker with a passion that motivates the listeners to formulate and proceed with their own goals.  Thanks so much!

Lynn Gray, Alberta Health Services, Manager-Volunteer Resources

Resiliency In The Workplace - Roadmap to Creating a Resilient Mindset


Challenge, uncertainty and adversity are a normal part of everyday life nowadays, especially on the work front. With continual technological advancements and the constant quest for cut-backs, nothing ever seems to stay the same.

For most professionals, this creates feelings of stress, discomfort and worry.

Not surprisingly, because most of us are unprepared for what really happens in the workplace. Nobody teaches you how to handle this type of pressure.

Until Now!

Allow Zaheen to introduce you to her roadmap for creating a resilient mindset, also known as PROOF™!

If the employees at your place of work are being forced to undergo changes they're not really prepared for, you're going to notice signs of conflict, fear and anxiety. It's not good for employee morale, and it's certainly not good for productivity.

Zaheen's presentation is the answer.

Her content-rich and interactive session is an exciting experience for a workforce that is constantly feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Audiences, such as teachers, lawyers, HR management and public service employees, have walked away with simple tools that they can start implementing right away.

What you will learn:

    The 5 paths (PROOF™) that are required in creating a resilient mindset (download document for more detail).

    The critical questions for each path so you can always make resilience your first reflex in challenging times.

    The one key trait for a positive attitude - Embracing Change.

Zaheen was very easy to work with from gathering information to the end result of her engagement. She is very clear on her expectations and is quick to confirm your expectations are included as well. With an ease in her character, Zaheen makes you feel confident in hiring her right from the start. Zaheen is well spoken and engaged our audience the entire time with her wit and humor as well as her compelling stories and advice on how to move forth through adversity.
     ~Donna Morrris, Stettler Regional Board of Trade

I had the pleasure of hearing Zaheen deliver a keynote address to a group of government lawyers. Her tips to build resilience were easy to understand and inspiring. Very relevant tools to learn during times of change.
    ~Maura Sutherland, Program Director of the Organizational Learning Office