The Resilience Reflex

The Resilience Reflex
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You can truly have it all. Learn how to balance your life and get everything you want.


Does your life seem to put constant roadblocks in your way? Does your attempt to balance family, work, and relationships make you feel burnt out from sunrise to sunset? Author Zaheen Nanji understands where you've been, and how you can take action to move forward.

Nanji has overcome great obstacles to be the entrepreneur, speaker, wife, and mother that she is today. In her journey from East Africa to Canada, she faced displacement and disruption. A stuttering problem beset her with embarrassment and confusion. Her experiences taught her to become stronger and more grateful, and through her new book, The Resilience Reflex, she can teach you to the same essential traits.

In this book, you'll learn:

    How to manage your emotions and solve problems
    How to get unstuck and take action
    How to move up in life while balancing your other responsibilities
    How to strengthen your attitude, relationship skills, beliefs, and passions
    And much, much more!

Part narrative and part tutorial, Nanji uses her personal experiences to share keen insights about seemingly impossible challenges. As your partner in your efforts to overcome barriers, Nanji will help you turn setbacks into opportunities and push through any possible challenge. Touching upon both personal and professional scenarios, this book will help you navigate life's most perplexing obstacles and develop resiliency and courage in the process.

The Resilience Reflex is relatable and engaging, and you may feel as though it's speaking directly to you. Reading this book will inspire you to find solutions to your most pressing personal and professional challenges.

THE RESILIENCE REFLEX: 8 KEYS TO TRANSFORMING BARRIERS INTO SUCCESS IN LIFE AN BUSINESS by Zaheen Nanji is an excellent book for anyone who wants to make real and positive change in life.

I really like the cover. The colors are pleasant, and I like the bright yellow flower in the center. It was a good idea for the author to put the gold seal saying this book is an Amazon #1 International Bestselling Book. Congratulations! On the back cover, the author shows a vibrant and lovely woman. The back cover copy tells the potential reader what to expect. The back cover copy sells the reader on the book, which is great. I like that the author tells her fans where to find her on the Internet, because readers today want to learn all they can about their favorite authors. Nice work!

Inside, I was drawn in immediately. I was already on a journey with the author, and she wrote to me like a girlfriend to girlfriend style, although of course, men can benefit from this book as well. The chapters are laid out well and the way the learning portion of the material is presented, the reader won't be overwhelmed with doing too much at one time, or find it's too difficult to handle all the suggestions. Everything is practical and possible. One of my favorite chapters is on beliefs.

Overall, a very helpful book.

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